What is Astrology?
Astrology is a method by which the forces of the universe (in which we participate) can be known by tracking their effects upon the planets. Astrology uses the planets and the coordinate systems which provide the "background" for the planets - the Zodiac and the earth framework of the houses. The study of astrology has opened doors to insight, success and happiness since history has been recorded. From Nebuchadnezzar to Ronald Reagan, even kings and rulers have taken advantage of the advice of astrologers. In Rome, everyone who was anyone had their chart cast at birth. In fact, you were as likely to be asked, "What's your sign?" in Roman times as now, but you would have answered then with your Moon (instead of your Sun) sign! In Renaissance Europe, noblemen kept a "house astrologer" on the premises to provide continuous guidance.


What can astrology do for me?
In plain language, we can learn about almost any part of our lives - our self, our family, partners, career, business. Astrology provides a way to understand the nature of almost anything because it speaks to us in a universal language---one that we all live and speak, but unconsciously. Have you ever had moments of magic in your life, moments when you feel you have the golden touch or you felt a magical or spiritual presence? These are times when we are in tune with the universal consciousness. Astrology can assist us in learning to tap that consciousness. In this way, we feel happier, centered, and fulfilled.


How does astrology work?
We don't really know by what mechanism astrology works, although many people are making good guesses. However, we can make some philosophically based statements about what we think is going on.
Many people believe that the planets move in response to forces which flow throughout the universe. By tracking the effects of these forces upon the planets, which move in a more predictable fashion than us humans, we can begin to detect how they are felt in our more complex lives. Note that I did not mention "the effects of the planets"! At least to my way of thinking, the planets do not influence us.