Throughout the ages, the gemstones have been seen as representations of wealth and power. Symbols of supremacy like crowns and richly decorated clothes and robes have traditionally been adorned with jewels. But gemstones are not just for the wealthy or scientifically minded researcher. But these can be appreciated by common man also just to enjoy the beauty of these gems. The gemstones appeal initially due to their mysterious appeal, luster and their colour. This makes them exquisite but their rarity, hardness and durability makes them doubly valuable.

Gemstones are minerals. Out of a total of more than 2500 different minerals, only about 60 odd are commonly used as gemstones. Other minerals are unsuitable as gems because they are too soft and get scratched easily.


What are gemstones :: A mineral (or occasionally an organic mineral) to be called a gemstone, it must be beautiful in its appearance and colour. A gemstone has to be durable i. e. it should be hard enough to survive constant use and handling without getting scratched or damaged. Finally, it must be rare, because its scarcity makes it valuable.


Science of gemmology :: Gems are scientifically fascinating too. Gemologists make a complete study of each stone, both as it is found in the rocks and after it has been cut and polished. That is why during the formal study of gemology, both aspects are given due importanceThis makes them able to distinguish between two similar looking .


Effects of gemstones :: That gemstones work for the betterment of one's life is a known fact. But many people do not believe in their effects. These days people, especially the younger generation, looks for scientific links between the gems and their effects. All astrological reasoning fails to impress many people to accept the benefits of .


Prescription on the basis of 'Janma Rashi' or the 'Moon sign' :: In this system of prescription the gemstone is prescribed on the basis of the zodiacal sign in which Moon was posited at the time of birth. This system can lead to prescription of appropriate stone many times but wearers, who have worn stones prescribed this way, have many times .

Prescription on the basis of 'lagan' - the 'birth ascendant' :: In this system, the gemstone is prescribed on the basis of the sign, which is rising at the time of the birth. The system has a flaw that it does not give credence to any other astrological factor. The stones prescribed this way may not give any effect at times and may adversely affect the native.
Prescription on the basis of 'Janma Nakshatra'-the 'Birth Constellation' :: In this system, the In this system the prescription is based on the constellation (Nakshatra) rising at the time of birth. This system in practice has been used for prescribing gemstones with amazing accuracy. But at times it does not give desired results as this system also ignores other astrological factors during the process of prescription of stones to a native .
Prescription on the basis of First letter of the Name :: In this system the gemstones are prescribed on the basis of the first letter of the name of the person as per Indian sound of pronunciation of that letter. The system gives very indifferent results and is not very popular. The reason is that, in modern times the names are not given on the basis of the astrological consultations by people and the prescription of a gemstone .