Lal Kitab is the name of five books, published between 1939 and 1952, which expound an absolutely unique system of Indian astrology now known as the Lal Kitab system of astrology. These books, each carrying the title Lal Kitab, were authored by the originator of this system, Pandit Roop Chand Joshi . Scholars, who have studied the Lal Kitabs, have placed its originator-cum-author, Pt Roop Chand Joshi on the same pedestal as the great Bhrigu and Parasar. These days, Lal Kitab (though presently available in imitated form) is the biggest seller of all astrology books. The Lal Kitab books were written in Urdu with a sprinkling of Punjabi throughout. Admittedly, at times, these books become somewhat challenging for a non-Punjabi to follow. This system presents lalkitab astrology based on palmistry. In general, the books discuss the basics of the Lal Kitab system, characteristics of the twelve houses and the nine planets, characteristics of each planet as a benefic and malefic in each house. Most important aspect of Lal Kitab is the identification of malefic planets and easy, inexpensive and extremely effective remedial measures for propitiation of their ill effects.




Lal kitab has short time predictions and life time predictions as well. The short time predictions tells you about day to day life and problems in your daily routine and on other side lal kitab amrit tells you about your life time achievements and failures you may face because of your planets movements.




Lal Kitab predictions and remedies are from Lal kitab and it is very much beneficiary for every individual. It is available in every language. Lal kitab Amrit gives you the reason for your past failures and can secure you from future problems. Anything happens in individual’s life has a reason behind it, which can be resolve by doing some remedies. God has written our destiny that cannot be changed but by the remedies of lal kitab Amrit, we can minimize our sorrows and pain.




People do match their horoscope for marriage and still face problems in their married life. In this case lal kitab amrit can help a lot. An individual’s full life can be seen by lal kitab amrit. Everyone has ups and downs in life. And it can be easily accumulated that other partner is adjustable to that condition or not. It does not match the gun of two different individual rather tells about their future achievement and failures, and then it depends on the individuals that they can adjust with the future conditions or not.




Everyone do donations in the name of god, do prayers and chants mantras but they don’t know exactly what should be donated, by the name which god. According to Lal kitab amrit, there is always a specific time and situations to do prayers and donations in the name of god. Sometimes it happens, that individual donates in the name of particular god who is not in favour and the effects are vice versa.