Year2012 :: Saturn the most benefic planet for your natal Moon sign is exalted this year. This indicates that professionally you will do very well and you may even touch new heights in your career this year. You will perform your professional responsibilities in balanced and practical way which will definitely create new avenues in the field of your profession. Engineers, technocrats, medical professionals and commercial persons will do well in this year and they will also get fame and recognition for their work.

This year your moral, zeal and spirit will be higher as there will be economic gains, professional rise and sudden monetary gains this year. Those who are business men will do well in their business. Your luck will also support your spirit and ambitions this year, which will result in monetary gains.

General : :Venus rules this earthy and fixed sign of the zodiac. People born in this sign are of middle stature. They are plump and muscular. They usually have broad foreheads, a prominent neck, dark hair and are generally fair complexioned. They are very kind hearted, generous, highly ambitious, practical, trust worthy and artistic people. At the same time, they are materialistic and are known for their down-to-earth approach. Endowed with a good personality,they have tremendous patience and immense will power.

They are always cheerful and smiling and they are remarkable in displaying their affection and care for others. They love beauty and beautiful things. They love to travel to far off places. Music, art and artistic pursuits could be their best diet. Generally, they are simple, honest and dependable persons but at times, they are so diplomatic that it becomes quite difficult to understand them. They are lucky in their careers and enjoy good status and command at their work places.
They usually acquire good wealth and enjoy all the comforts of life. Their matter of fact approach towards life, coupled with patience, brings them appreciable results. They are fond of luxury and ornaments, which must not only be beautiful but also expensive. They have a deep insight and their intuition power is quite strong. Interestingly, the dreams that they see have significant meanings at times. .

Business and Career
Romance and Marriage
Lucky / Unlucky

Health : :Your sound mental health would enable to open the door for realisation of your hopes & desires. Only thing required on your part is to keep an optimistic attitude and positive thinking to succeed.
Business and Career : :The day doesnt much success from professional point, as you tend to waste time in useless activities. Better to be cautious, as wasting time would go against you. It might slip the opportunities from your hand. Remember one lost opportunity rarely comes back.
Finance : :You need to make some advance financial arrangements. Taking parental help would immensely help you. However it would be in your interest to save the money for emergent needs to avoid putting unnecessary burden on your parents.
Romance and Marriage Love blooms to show what a beautiful deed you have done. You would feel that without love life is meaningless and eagerly wait to meet your partner. Sharing each others company would be highest on your priority list..
Lucky / Unlucky
Ruling Planet Venus
Symbol The Bull
Element Earth
Colour White & Green
Lucky Stones Diamond, Coral & Emerald
Unlucky Stones Yellow Sapphire
Lucky Numbers 6 & 5
Lucky Days Mondays, Friday, and Saturday
Business Partner Virgo
Lucky Alphabet P, J, G, K, and H
Best Profession Musicians, Bankers, Tailors, Insurance Agents, Dairy Farmers, Painters, and Farmers
Best Boss Capricorn
Eventful Years 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51 (Add nine to get further eventful years.)
Body Parts Throat
Good Points Practical, Patient, Stable, Loyal, Trust worthy and Dependable.
Bad Points Stubborn, Lazy and Possessive
Soul Mates Virgo, Capricorn
Just Say No Libra & Sagittarius